The leader of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Sunday refused to bend to Democratic calls for investigation into President-elect Trump's possible conflicts of interest.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said on ABC's This Week that he won't be pressured into investigating the Trump Organization and Trump's possible conflicts before the president-elect is even sworn into office. He said he'll wait until there's an allegation Trump did something wrong in office before opening an investigation.

"Donald Trump hasn't even been sworn in yet," he said. "I do believe he has set up a plan where the revenue or the profits from the hotels will go directly to the treasury."

"I'm not going to go on this fishing expedition that the Democrats want me to."

Chaffetz said he's comfortable that Trump has complied with ethics laws regarding his possible conflicts of interest by filing financial disclosure forms. Ethics laws generally exempt the president from conflicts of interest laws, but traditionally presidents have complied with them in order to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

Chaffetz said he'll judge Trump by the letter of the law, not by tradition.

"What you need to look at is what is required by law … and that is the financial disclosures," he said. "Donald Trump has provided that information."

He added, "All this flailing about all these this things he's done wrong is premature at best."

The American people knew Trump ran a massive business with tangled relationships all over the world when they put him in office, Chaffetz said.

While Chaffetz has often been aggressive in investigating President Obama's administration, he said he's only launched investigations in the past after there were allegations of wrongdoing following Obama's inauguration.

"If people have questions about this, the White House is going to be the one that has to answer those questions," he said. "Until we see something that is actually wrongdoing, we're not going to go on a fishing trip."