It's a known known that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, is one heck of a singer.

So when he had to leave Wednesday morning's "Sesame Street" event at the National Press Club a touch early, he knew exactly how to make his exit: by singing a stanza of the "Sesame Street" theme song alongside Rosita the muppet. "In advance, I'm going to get a few of the words wrong," he stated. "But it's the thought that counts," he said. Then he, the muppet and the entire audience, broke out into song.

Dempsey participated in a panel discussion, led by Bob and Lee Woodruff, about the effectiveness of "Sesame Street's" Talk, Listen, Connect resources, which are specially designed to assist military families deal with issues such as deployment and parental injury or even death. Turns out, the muppet-military partnership works rather well. "By the way those approval ratings are phenomenal," Dempsey gushed. "I haven't seen approval ratings like that since my YouTube video, since they caught me channeling Frank Sinatra." (Yes, that's really a thing).

"Sesame Street" character Rosita was the special guest in part because her fictional father was wounded in war. "I wanted to thank you all really, really, much, from the bottom of my monster heart for all that you do for military families, you're awesome," she told the crowd. Lee Woodruff, whose husband Bob was wounded on assignment for ABC News in Iraq, thanked her right back. "What you went through your dad shared with us, talking is so important and sharing," Woodruff told the muppet. "We want to thank you too, for all that you do."

Then things got awkward. To conclude her talk, Rosita showered the Woodruffs with kisses. "I didn't shave for you," the furry monster revealed. "You know, I have hair like this under my's a seventies thing," Bob Woodruff responded. "Too much information," the muppet shot back, and then ducked back in her box.