Tennessee State Rep. Joe Carr announced Tuesday that he will challenge Sen. Lamar Alexander in a Republican primary race — for the “Sentate.”

A screenshot of the error was provided to the Washington Examiner by a source before the typo was corrected by Carr’s campaign.

Carr had previously announced that he would seek to oust Rep. Scott Desjarlais, a Republican, from the state’s Fourth Congressional District seat. But Carr said in a radio interview Tuesday that he changed his mind after he “received literally hundreds and hundreds of requests from Tennesseans asking me to run for the U.S. Senate instead of the U.S. House.”

“Tennesseans are hungry for strong, principled, conservative leadership, so I am answering the call,” Carr said.

His fundraising had been strong in the congressional race, but lagged that of State Sen. Jim Tracy, who is challenging Desjarlais.

In his Senate bid, Carr’s best chance to gain traction will be if he receives backing from a cash-rich outside group, such as the Club for Growth. Even then, he will be hard-pressed to beat Alexander, who has accrued more than $3 million cash on hand so far to bolster his reelection bid, compared to less than Carr’s less than $300,000 on hand.

Alexander has also remained relatively popular in Tennessee: In May, a Vanderbilt University poll found Alexander’s favorability rating to be steady at 53 percent.