Donald Trump struggled to get through his remarks during a rally in Orlando, Fla., Saturday afternoon due to numerous interruptions by protesters at charged event that also saw Trump instruct backers to execute a mass pledge to support him.

Trump asked supporters to raise their right hands and pledge to vote for him in Florida's Republican primary, causing a jarring image many likened to pictures of Nazi rallies in Germany prior to World War II.

The GOP front-runner also cheered the dismissal of demonstrators, thanking the police who escorted disruptive men and women out of the event.

Trump celebrated the media's coverage of the protesters, telling the crowd it gives the outlets who were filming the rally a chance to zoom out for a view of the large crowd, which he estimated to be 25,000 people with thousands more outside.

But Trump changed his tone following the next interruption.

"I wish we had some real protesters, some protesters with guns," Trump told the crowd, not explaining how he would respond to the hypothetical situation.

Trump grew visibly frustrated after a few more incidents that temporarily prevented him from continuing with his remarks.

"Can the protesters stop for a couple of seconds so we can talk? Give us like five minutes and then you can protest again," Trump asked the audience.

As two black men are led out of the rally, Trump seemed to refer to their race in an effort to fault President Obama for protests.

"We have a divided country, folks," Trump said. "We have a terrible president who happens to be African-American."

The self-funded billionaire candidate also joked that he sold the venue out twice due to the number of protesters who had to be removed during Trump's hour and 15 minutes worth of remarks at the campaign event.

Just as Trump got back into the swing of things, he was interrupted again due to a medical emergency.

"We need a doctor. A woman fainted," Trump told attendees. "We love people that faint."

"Are you OK, darling?" he asked.

Trump paused while emergency responders assisted the woman. Then he told an audience member who had brought flowers for him to chase the ill woman who had been removed from the venue and give the flowers to her instead.

Once he shifted back to discussing policy, he shared a story he has mentioned at other rallies, to wide condementation. Trump described a U.S. military general's alleged mass execution of Muslims, repeating a story widely panned as false and an endorsement of war crimes.

General John Pershing, who later commanded U.S. forces in World War I, was said to have killed dozens of Muslim prisoners in the Philippines during a war that involved U.S. forces, Trump claimed.

"They caught 50 terrorists and they took those terrorists and they stood them up, all 50 and they took the bullets and they cut open two pigs and they dropped the bullets into the pigs and they took the pigs blood and they smashed it around and they then took those bullets and put them in the guns and shot 49 of the terrorists with the bullets loaded up with the pig fat and pig blood, which is not something that, let me explain, not nice, not politically correct. I don't think they'd allow that today.

"They shot 49 of the 50 terrorists and the final terrorist just before he was gonna be shot, they went up to him. They said, 'Here take this bullet, it was meant for you. Go back and tell your people 'there will be no more terrorism.' For 28 years, there was no more terrorism. Look it up!" Trump said. "Now, we can be babies. We can be foolish. We have to be vigiliant. We have to be strong. We have to be smart."

Floridians will vote in the state primary Tuesday, March 15. Trump is ranked first in the Washington Examiner's presidential power rankings.