NBA great Charles Barkley slammed the Republican tax plan Christmas night during a broadcast of the Minnesota Timberwolves game against the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center.

"At least we got our tax break," Barkley, a TNT commentator, said on air. "All these poor people can keep waiting for this trickle down. They've been waiting for like 400 years and it ain't trickled down yet."

President Trump signed the tax reform bill into law Friday, much to the chagrin of Barkley who has argued the framework does little to help lower to middle income earners in America.

The former NBA power forward — who recently campaigned for Democratic Sen.-elect Doug Jones in his home state of Alabama — jokingly thanked the GOP for their tax code overhaul after the legislation passed Congress Thursday.

"I'm going to trickle my fat (butt) down to the jewelry store to get a new Rolex," Barkley said during a taping of "Inside the NBA" on Dec. 21.

"They're not going to pass it to nobody," he continued. "Thank you Republicans, I knew I could always count on y'all to take care of us rich people, us one percenters."