Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer said the building confrontation between North Korea and the U.S. is likely to result in "acquiescence," and Pyongyang will continue developing missiles capable of reaching every state.

In a column published Thursday night, Krauthammer described failed efforts by the Trump White House and past administrations to deter North Korea's nuclear program and said the outcome this time, after the rogue regime fired a missile that could likely reach Alaska, will be no different.

"War is almost unthinkable, given the proximity of the Demilitarized Zone to the 10 million people of Seoul," he wrote. "A mere conventional war would be devastating. And could rapidly go nuclear. ... We do have powerful alternatives. But each is dangerous and highly unpredictable. Which is why the most likely ultimate outcome, by far, is acquiescence."

During a press conference in Poland on Thursday, President Trump said his administration was considering "some pretty severe things" to do in response to North Korea's intercontinental ballistic missile test earlier this week.