Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist released a new video Friday that strongly suggests he may be considering running for his former office once again.

"Tell me how I can help," Crist said in the video. "Share your comments with me here; I'll read every last one. I work for you, the people, always have and always will."

The 50-second ad ended with a campaign-like logo with Crist's name and the state of Florida.

Crist served one term as governor, but was abruptly booted from Florida's political scene after losing a Republican Senate primary race -- and then the general election, as a non-party-affiliated candidate -- to Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

Crist changed his political affiliation last year to become a Democrat shortly after endorsing President Obama's re-election campaign.

But Crist now might be looking to make a political comeback. Were he to run for governor, Crist would be challenging sitting Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican.

Crist's new video is front and center on an accompanying website, which solicits comments and reads in bold text, "Only you, the people, can get Florida back to common sense."

The website appears not to have been funded by any political committee, but by Crist himself. A note at the bottom reads, "Paid for personally by Charlie Crist."