The D.C. Council will consider emergency legislation next week that will push President Obama to display the District's famed "taxation without representation" slogan on the presidential limousine.

Ward 3 Councilwoman Mary Cheh said in a Thursday memorandum to her colleagues that she would seek a vote on a "sense of the council" resolution ahead of Obama's Jan. 21 inaugural parade.

"Displaying license plates bearing the phrase 'taxation without representation' raises awareness about the District's lack of representation in Congress and supports the District's efforts to achieve statehood," Cheh wrote. "There is an immediate need for the presidential limousine to display license plates bearing the phrase 'taxation without representation' so that they can be seen by the millions of Americans and people around the world who will be watching the parade."

The slogan has been a staple of District license plates since 2000, and President Bill Clinton agreed to use the plates when he occupied the White House.

But President George W. Bush reversed course and used a D.C. license plate without the phrase, a decision Obama has stood by since he took office in 2009.

Cheh's three-page resolution, co-sponsored by Council Chairman Phil Mendelson, would have little practical effect: It doesn't call for any action aside from transmitting a copy of the legislation to Obama.

But Cheh's resolution asserts that if Obama were to heed the council's call, he could affect the thinking of millions of Americans.

"Polls show that the majority of Americans are not aware that District residents lack representation in Congress," the resolution reads. "Displaying the phrase, 'taxation without representation,' is a singularly effect way of informing our fellow citizens of the fundamentally unfair and undemocratic condition of District residents."

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