D.C. Council members Tommy Wells and Mary Cheh are trying to work around colleague Marion Barry's objections to a contract for the highly anticipated streetcar proposed for H Street.

The two submitted a contract approval resolution on Wednesday for immediate approval of the $50 million contract with Dean-Facchina LLC that would override Barry's disapproval resolution the Ward 8 councilman submitted earlier this week. Barry's resolution threatens to stall by more than one month the already-delayed H Street line.

Barry was even part of the original push in 1997 when he was mayor to bring back an iteration of the District's formerly extensive trolley line. But now, the original line proposed for Anacostia in Ward 8 remains in flux without a start date while the H Street line is slated to open next year.

Barry denied to The Washington Examiner on Tuesday that his resolution was due to the H Street line leapfrogging ahead of the Anacostia one.

Cheh and Wells' resolution is set to be voted on by the full council on Tuesday.