Chelsea Clinton says she feels pressure from her parents to start having kids, but she explained to Maria Menounos of "Extra" that it was in a loving way.

"I do feel that pressure but in such a kind of loving, lovely way. I mean my parents always say to me that having me was the best thing that ever happened to them, so why would I not want that experience?" she said. "That's really hard as a daughter to sort of not be flattered by and kind of deeply moved by."

Clinton refused to say whether she thought her mother, Hillary Clinton, should run for president.

"I really want her to do what she wants to do," Clinton said, praising her mother's government service. "But ultimately she's my mom and so whatever she decides will by definition be the right choice, and I'll support her in that."

Clinton added that her father, former President Bill Clinton, referred to her mother as "an NGO of one" when she was living in Arkansas.