"She always wanted to go to Cactus Cantina near the National Cathedral. I would drive Marc and my grandmother there, and they would get a large pitcher of frozen margaritas, and then I would drive them home, both slightly inebriated. Which gave me inordinate joy."

-- One of the tidbits coming from Chelsea Clinton's first ever magazine-length interview, published in Vogue's September issue. Clinton, of course, was referring to her late grandmother Dorothy Rodham and her husband Marc Mezvinsky. Writer Jonathan Van Meter spent a portion of the profile complimenting Clinton's sense of style, but also pointed out her tendency to be "the absent-minded professor," if you will. "During our travels, she left her BlackBerry on the takeout window of a drive-through in Joplin; her book on a plane in Bentonville, Ark.; and forgot to lock the door to the single-toilet unisex bathroom backstage at the Kennedy Center, which Diane von Furstenberg opened on her," he wrote.