Former Vice President Dick Cheney remembered former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher last night on Fox News, recalling the several occasions he met with her during his career.

“She was a rock star,” Cheney said, recalling an award he presented to the former Prime Minister at the Heritage Foundation. “She was somebody that everybody had enormous respect and admiration for.”

Cheney suggested that part of her popularity in the United States was due to the way President Reagan respected the former Prime Minister as their governing conservative philosophy was similar.

Remembering Thatcher’s role in restoring the British economy, Cheney remarked that it gave him hope for the post-Obama era in America.

“Sometimes I think of her when I think of the task that is going to be ahead of us after Obama leaves office,” Cheney said, adding the he believed the president was taking the country in the wrong direction.

“I think his health care policies and so forth, nationalizing the health care system or something close to it, 16 percent of the economy — that we’re going to have — whoever replaces him is going to have some very difficult tasks ahead of them,” he warned. “And the model that Maggie Thatcher established back in the ’80s and in Britain is one thing they want to look at.”