A Chevy Chase landlord has admitted to using a hidden camera to secretly record three female tenants having sex with their boyfriends.

Dennis Alan Van Dusen, a 64-year-old lawyer who claims to have a degree from Harvard University, pleaded guilty in Montgomery County Circuit Court to three counts of using a camera in a private residence with prurient intent. He faces up to 18 months behind bars.

According to Montgomery County prosecutors, Van Dusen advertised below market value rents on Craig's List, charging less than $600 a month to live at his two-story home, valued at about $1 million.

The device was discovered around midnight Oct. 13 by a 25-year-old woman who had read a Cosmopolitan magazine article about Peeping Toms using new technology to secretly record their targets.

Cop avoids criminal charges
An Anne Arundel County police officer who installed a camera in a high school bathroom without permission will not be criminally charged, police said. A student found the camera in a men's bathroom at Glen Burnie High School on March 20. An investigation found that a 14-year veteran of the police department installed the camera without informing the police department or the school system about what he was doing. But on Tuesday, police said that no criminal laws were violated and that the camera did not record or transmit any images. The officer remains on leave because the police department is continuing to conduct an administrative investigation into the incident. -- Naomi Jagoda

The woman got up and checked the smoke detector directly above her bed and found a tiny camera inside. She called police.

Police showed up at the home at 6910 Ridgewood Ave., took photos of the device, and left.

The woman also left because she did not feel comfortable, according to charging documents. Van Dusen lived in another part of the home.

Two hours later, around 2:30 a.m., the woman and police returned to the house and discovered that the smoke detector with the hidden camera had been removed and replaced with a standard operating smoke detector, police said.

Another officer saw Van Dusen get into his gold Honda Pilot with a trash bag and drive away. The officer thought it was weird because the man was wearing shorts in the cold.

Van Dusen returned a short time later and refused to answer the officers' questions.

Police then searched the home and confiscated his laptop and two hard drives.

Detectives found videos of the woman and past female tenants engaged in sex. The videos were recorded over 14 months, police said.