The Chinese government is increasingly lauching cyber attacks against the United States Defense Department  (DOD) for intelligence purposes, according to a new government report on the Chinese military.

"I think we have concerns about a number of computer network operations and activities that appear to originate from China that affect DOD networks," David Helvey, acting assistant Secretary of Defense for East Asia told reporters today.

"China’s persistent cyber intrusions indicates the likelihood that Beijing is using cyber network operations (CNOs) as a tool to collect strategic intelligence," Defense Department added in its 2012 report to Congress on Military and Security Developments involving the People's Republic of China.

Helvey chose not to specify, in the briefing, who was behind the attacks, but he said the United States is concerned about China's cyber war investments.

"We note that China's investing in not only capabilities to better defend their networks but also they're looking at ways to use cyber for offensive operations," he said. "There is the potential for these types of operations to be very disruptive, disruptive not only in a conflict, could be very disruptive to the United States, but other countries as well."