China performed a series of missile tests this weekend as all eyes were focused on the intercontinental ballistic missile launched Friday by North Korea, according to a report.

On Saturday, the Chinese military launched 20 missiles at fake targets that looked like Terminal High Altitude Air Defense missile batteries and U.S. Air Force F-22 fighter jets, according to Fox News. U.S. spy agencies detected the activity from the Chinese military.

The Chinese government has opposed the deployment of U.S. THAAD batteries to South Korea, and upped its criticism after the South Korean government said over the weekend it wanted four additional launchers from the U.S.

The request from Seoul followed North Korea's second launch of an ICBM, which the Pentagon said is capable of hitting the continental U.S.

U.S. officials said the tests were designed to coincide with celebrations for China's Army Day on Aug. 1.

During the Army Day celebrations, China put on a military parade with 12,000 troops, dozens of tanks, jets, and missiles.

China's President Xi Jinping and Beijing's military chief attended the parade, which is the first China has staged as part of its Army Day celebrations.

Before the missile tests Saturday, China also launched a failed attempt of its anti-ballistic missile system, which U.S. military satellites detected. China's anti-ballistic missile system is similar to the U.S. THAAD system.

Tensions between China and the U.S. have risen over the last few weeks, as President Trump criticized Beijing for failing to pressure North Korea to end its missile and nuclear weapons programs.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson acknowledged Tuesday there are differences between the U.S. and China, but said, "we will deal with those differences in a way that does not lead to open conflict."