New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie blasted the National Football League's position on sports betting ahead of a Supreme Court case pitting the bombastic Republican governor against the league.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments in Christie v. NCAA in December about New Jersey's decision to allow sports gambling. The NFL and all of America's major pro-sporting leagues are aligned with the NCAA in its fight against Christie.

"The hypocrisy is just so overwhelming," Christie told HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel." "They say because we have the Giants and the Jets and the Devils that somehow we shouldn't be allowed to have gambling here because somehow it will threaten the integrity of the game. Well, [are] you kidding? How isn't it threatening the integrity of the game in Las Vegas for the NHL and the NFL?

"I mean, that's why they no longer have moral high ground on this. They cannot make the integrity of the game argument anymore ... because they have now gone to the sports gambling capital of America and put two of the four major sports now, having teams in that city. It's over."

Christie said he thought the NFL's opposition to sports betting is because of the league's desire to "determine the size of the piece" of the benefits it could get from legalizing sports gambling through negotiations with Congress as opposed to negotiating with 50 separate U.S. states.