Usually when a cellphone goes off in the middle of an event, it is met with disdain by those hosting it. But not on Thursday night at Politico's Playbook Cocktails discussion at the Mayflower Hotel. Politico's Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei were interviewing "Morning Joe" hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, talking mainly to Brzezinski about her new book, "Obsessed," which is all about food addiction.

As Scarborough rattled on about politics, Brzezinski's cellphone chimed and she answered it. "Good evening everyone," said the voice on the other end. It was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, calling to talk about his recent Lap-Band surgery. "We want to congratulate you on your road back to good health," Brzezinski complimented Christie. "I was in the middle of a great story about how I was going to save the Republican Party and then you called," Scarborough playfully scolded.

Scarborough asked Christie how he kept such a surgery a secret. "Well first off, I kept this a secret the way my Sicilian grandmother taught me to keep things secret — I didn't tell anyone," Christie said, before explaining why he made such a health decision. "I've got four kids ... so I'm going to be in the parent business for a long time to come and I wanted to ensure, as I got older, that I would be there for my kids," Christie said during his brief cameo.

Brzezinski's new book tackles the two-sided issue of the obesity epidemic and, on the flip side, distorted body image. As a television personality, Brzezinski spent decades obsessing over being super thin. "I was living a lie. I am not that person," she said of her former super-svelte self. "She was always obsessing about food. She was eating like leaves and nuts, and she was driving everybody at home and at work absolutely crazy because it was complete and total obsession," co-host Scarborough testified. Part of her journey writing "Obsessed" was to gain a little weight, but a lot more happiness. "I have a wonderful life," Brzezinski concluded. "You can't enjoy it if you're hungry."