Chris Christie lashed out against Congress today during a press conference in New Jersey today, for failing to pass a disaster relief  bill for New Jersey and New York.”

“If the Congress can’t even help Americans who have had their homes and their lives destroyed by a natural disaster, then they might as well just board the place up and close it down,” Christie said. “‘Cause they aren’t doing any good for anybody.”

“That’s on both parties,” Christie added.

Christie said that New York and New Jersey have sent enough tax dollars to Washington – noting that they were 50th in the rankings of funding.

“This is the time that you need to stand up for the people who send more money back to Washington and get less back than any other citizens of any other state, you’re telling me you’re going to deny us? Assistance that we need?”

Christie added that Congress “didn’t want him on that soapbox” and predicted that Congress would “probably stand up and do the responsible thing.”