New Jersey Governor Chris Christie defended mainstream media pundits during a week of a media-fueled fued with Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

Christie was asked to react to the speculation from members of the national media during his monthly “Ask the Governor” program on New Jersey radio station 101.5 FM on Wednesday evening.

“That’s their job,” Christie said frankly. “They gotta write about something. It’s the summer of an off national election year. So they gotta justify their existence with their websites and their newspapers, so this is what they do.”

Christie said that he wasn’t bothered by the hype surrounding his comments disparaging the strains of libertarianism in the Republican party.

“If you’re going to get disturbed about that kind of stuff, and be in this business, you’re not going to be in this business for long, or at least you aren’t going to enjoy yourself,” Christie added.