On MSNBC this morning, Governor Chris Christie explained that he has banned the popular “Call of Duty” series of video games in his house because of their desensitizing effect on children.

“I don’t let games like Call of Duty in my house for PS3 and Xbox,” he explained. “That’s a decision we’ve made.”

Christie clarified during the show that he was primarily advocating for more parental responsibility.

“The ultimate way and best way to do it would be for parents to self-police,” he said returning to the decision he made for his own family.

Christie admitted that his children “get exposed to it anyway” at other people’s houses, but “not in the same volume.”

The Connecticut school shooting gunman Adam Lanza reportedly spent hours playing the popular Call of Duty first person shooter game in his basement.

“You cannot tell me that a kid sitting in a basement for hours playing Call of Duty and killing people over and over and over again does not desensitize that child to the real life effects of violence,” Christie asserted.

The latest in the series, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which was released in November, reached $1 billion in sales in just 15 days.