New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is heading to Mexico Wednesday, as he seeks to boost his foreign policy chops ahead of a likely 2016 run for the Republican presidential nomination.

During the three-day trade mission, he will give two keynote speeches, meet with the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and shake hands with the CEOs of several top Mexican companies, according to

"It’s going to be beneficial to New Jersey and beneficial to our citizens," Christie told reporters recently.

Christie has been outspoken about President Obama's immigration policy and his failure to visit the U.S.-Mexico border. In May, he gave a speech that staked out a hawkish view on American foreign policy, although he has not spelled out his views on a number of recent issues.

Two other likely Republican contenders have already debated foreign policy in some detail. Like Christie, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has taken a more hawkish stance, while Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has called for less U.S. intervention overseas.