Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., explained on Tuesday that he had nothing personal against Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., – even though he referred to the senator while criticizing the “strain of libertarianism” infiltrating the Republican party on July 25.

“I had nothing personal against Senator Paul, if we disagree on certain issues, we disagree,” Christie said, during an appearance in New Jersey on Tuesday. Christie suggested that Paul was the one who had made the fight “personal” and  added that he was surprised that Paul criticized him for being too greedy for federal relief funds for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Christie noted that New Jersey was “a donor state” – getting 61 cents back for every dollar paid in federal taxes while Kentucky gets $1.51 back.

“So if Sen. Paul wants to start looking at where he’s going to cut spending to afford defense, maybe he should looking at cutting the pork barrel spending that he brings home to Kentucky,” Christie added.

Christie continued by suggesting that Sen. Rand Paul was a symbol of what was wrong with Washington and government spending

“[M]ost Washington politicians only care more about bringing home the bacon so that they can get re-elected,” he concluded.