On his ‘Ask the Governor’ radio show on Wednesday, Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., recalled the time he beat President Obama in a football carnival game during Obama’s visit to the Jersey Shore in May.

During the show, host Eric Scott of New Jersey 101.5 asked Christie to name his favorite boardwalk carnival game.

“Well, obviously it’s the football thing," Christie said, “because I kicked the president’s ass in the football throw, didn’t I, Eric?”

“He threw it three or four times, the president, poor guy didn’t get it through the tire.” Christie recalled. “I on the other hand, on the Point Pleasant boardwalk threw one, put it through the tire, declared victory and gave the president my prize.”

Christie said that after his event with Obama he spotted a football game where the contestant had to throw the football in a garbage can.

Christie said he considered trying it, but his son, Andrew, advised against it because it would “hurt his average.”

“So yeah, I took his advice,” Christie admitted.