During New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's "Ask the Governor" program on New Jersey radio station 101.5 FM, he was asked by a caller whether the governor would consider legalizing marijuana to bring in more tax revenue into the state.

"Mike, I love you baby, but it ain't happening, not while I'm governor," Christie said to the caller.

Christie said that he understood the argument for more revenue, but said that it was wasn't an "even exchange."

"I don't believe that legalizing an illegal drug for purposes of governmental profit is something that we should be doing. I believe that this is a gateway drug into other more serious drugs, I think it sends a wrong message to our kids and I don't think it makes anybody a better or more productive person," he said.

Christie explained that that he compromised by allowing medicinal marijuana in New Jersey, but said as long as he was the governor, recreational use of marijuana would never be legalized.

Christie also indicated that he would not consider decriminalization of marijuana.

"Is that Chris Christie the father or Chris Christie the former federal prosecutor talking?" asked the host.

"Yes," Christie said flatly. "Both."