The spring leadership meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition is shaping up as a who's-who of potential Republican presidential contenders.

First, it was announced that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, and former Ambassador John Bolton, all thought to be weighing bids for the presidency in 2016, will speak during the three-day meeting, to be held in Las Vegas next month.

Now, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will also be a featured speaker, according to an email sent to RJC members Friday and obtained by the Washington Examiner. The announcement comes after reports earlier this week that Christie would attend.

The RJC is led by the casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who almost single-handedly kept Newt Gingrich's 2012 campaign for president fiscally afloat before backing Mitt Romney during the general election, and the influential group is seen as an important one for potential candidates to court in the lead-up to a presidential bid.

Christie has had support from Adelson in the past, such as when Adelson hosted a fundraising event in August in Las Vegas for Christie's re-election. But the meeting next month will be vital for Christie as he works to reconstruct his political brand among party donors and power brokers in the aftermath of the "bridgegate" scandal, which threatened to derail Christie's presidential ambitions and continues to dog him.

Christie made progress toward a comeback this week in Chicago, where he raised $1 million for the Republican Governors Association, of which he is chair, and pivoted his rhetoric from apologies for the scandal to discussion of national policy and the next presidential election.