An alarmed Chris Matthews was hysterical after President Obama turned in a poor debate performance.

“I don’t know what he was doing there.” Chris Matthews exclaimed. “He had his head down. He was enduring rather than fighting.”

Matthews was shocked that Obama didn't appear to know how to respond to Mitt Romney's assertions.

"He should watch — well, not just ‘Hardball,’ Rachel, he should watch you, he should watch the Reverend Al, he should watch Lawrence, he would learn something about this debate," Matthews said, criticizing the president for publicly admitting he did not watch cable news. "There's a hot debate going on in this country. Do you know where it’s being held? Here on this network is where we're having the debate. We have our knives out. We go after the people and the facts. What was he doing tonight? He went in there disarmed.”

“What was Romney doing?” asked Matthews. “He was winning.”