Sen. Chris Van Hollen said Sunday Democrats were not perpetuating a double-standard by slamming Roy Moore for allegations he had inappropriate sexual encounters with teenagers after supporting former President Bill Clinton, who faced his own accusations of sexual impropriety.

"I don't think there's any double standard here," Van Hollen, D-Md., told "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace. "You were also talking in this case, as you know, about allegations of child sexual abuse. We know what the allegations are, the people of Alabama will have to look at the facts, search their conscience and make a decision."

Moore, the Republican Alabama Senate special election candidate, was accused last week of engaging in sexual behavior with four women when they were in their teens and Moore was in his thirties.

Despite the claims, Van Hollen, who also serves as chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, admitted Democratic pick Doug Jones faces an uphill battle to be elected to replace U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Dec. 12 in the deep red state of Alabama.

"Look, we all know that Alabama is a very tough state politically for Democrats but this is a special situation where we have a great candidate," Van Hollen said. "On the other hand, you have a very, very flawed candidate in Roy Moore, which is why many people are calling upon him to step down, but I'm going to leave this to the people of Alabama."

When asked about the ongoing trial of Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., Van Hollen declined to comment on whether the embattled New Jersey Democrat should resign if found guilty of federal corruption charges.

"Chris, we're going to leave this decision to the jury and I'm not going to get ahead of the game," Van Hollen said.