Governor Chris Christie R-N.J., famous for his blunt hard hitting speeches, showed his softer side yesterday in his State of the State address as he recalled the damage from hurricane Sandy.

During his address, Christie told a story about Ginjer, a nine-year-old girl he met during his tour of the hurricane damage.

Ginjer was present for the speech together with her mom as Christie recalled that Ginjer began to cry when he met her and explained that she had lost her home in the storm.

As my eyes filled with tears, I took a deep breath and thought about what I would say to my Bridget if she said the same thing to me.  If she had the same look on her face.  If she had the same tears in her eyes.  I asked her where her mom was and she pointed right behind her.  I asked her if her dad was ok.  She told me he was.  So I put my hand on Ginjer’s shoulders and I told her, you haven’t lost your home; you’ve just lost a house.  A house we can replace, your home is with your mom and dad.  I hugged her and told her not to cry anymore—that the adults are in charge now and there was nothing to be afraid of anymore.  Ginjer is here today—we’ve kept in touch—she has her own cell phone and she gave me the number – and Ginjer I want to thank her for giving voice to New Jersey’s children during Sandy and helping to create a memory of humanity in a sea of despair. You are a special, special girl, thank you for coming today.

As the audience in the hall broke out in applause, Christie continued, “Let’s put the needs of our most victimized citizens ahead of the partisan politics of the day. Let’s demonstrate once again the resilience of New Jersey’s spirit.”