New Jersey governor Chris Christie's Democratic opponent wants New Jersey voters to know that she is not fat.

Hours before the two opponents square off on the debate stage Tuesday night, State Sen. Barbara Buono released a letter from her physician explaining that she was in "excellent health and no significant medical problems."

The letter goes into great detail pointing out that her cholesterol level and blood pressure were good after her last checkup and that she weighed 124.6 lbs.

The letter also pointed out that Buono had an "excellent" diet and had never smoked cigarettes.

Christie has a history of weight problems and underwent lap band surgery in May to help him lose the extra pounds. Christie has never released a letter discussing his health.

The Christie campaign declined a request from the Washington Examiner to comment on the issue.

Presidential candidates traditionally release a bill of health, but it is unusual for gubernatorial candidates to do so during an election.

This isn't the first time Buono has subtly hinted at Christie's weight.

In August, Buono said that "seeing Chris Christie frolicking on the beach is not going to drive me to go the Shore.”

At the time, Christie criticized Buono for using the "Corzine Playbook" for making derisive comments about his weight.