N.J. Gov. Chris Christie called Marco Rubio a "hypocrite" in an interview Thursday night for attacking a number of Republican candidates despite the Florida senator's claims that he is above that behavior.

"There's not a person who's relevant to this race that Marco Rubio hasn't attacked. He's a hypocrite because he says, 'I don't want to say anything negative about any candidate,' and then he goes about to do a broadside on whoever he's hitting that day," Christie told syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt.

Christie said his campaign has been "very disappointed" by Rubio's confrontational strategy, although the governor is also guilty of unleashing harsh attacks on other GOP candidates, including Rubio.

Hewitt pointed out the mutual attacks may not be helping either candidate. He said the internal GOP attacks could be used during the general election by the Democrats' nomination to go after the Republicans' choice.

A recent CNN poll of New Hampshire's GOP primary voters had Rubio in fourth place with Christie right behind him. Both had seen their numbers grow through the fall, but saw losses from December to January.

That's one reason Christie said his campaign is spending double the amount of time in New Hampshire than Iowa, hoping the governor's New England ties can secure his victory in the primary February 9.