Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, on Monday compared Obamacare to a bridge built in 1940 that collapsed just five months after it was built.

"The bridge was set to fail from the very beginning," Grassley said on the Senate floor about the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington state.

That bridge opened to traffic in July, 1940, and fell into Puget Sound by November, despite being hailed as a wonder of modern construction techniques.

"Just five months later, on Nov. 7, 1940, the bridge collapsed," Grassley said. "What caused the massive steel and concrete structure to twist, turn and drop nearly 200 feet into Puget Sound? Importantly, there was a key foreshadowing clue. The bridge was nicknamed Galloping Gertie, for its dancing, swaying bridge deck."

"Gertie essentially self-destructed due to design flaws that created sheer havoc in those high winds," he added. "Like Obamacare, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge wasn't built to last. Like Galloping Gertie, Obamacare is on a self-destruction course with destiny."

"Galloping Gertie collapsed by a flawed design that was unable to withstand high winds, and every day that goes by without a bipartisan solution to fix the flaws, Obamacare is moving the American people closer to a calamity," he said.

"Sooner rather than later, Obamacare will become its own bridge to nowhere, with no insurance plans on the exchanges, and millions of Americans will be left twisting high and dry."

Several Republicans have said Obamacare is on the verge of collapse, as more and more insurers exit the system, and premiums for the dwindling insurance packages rise. Democrats say the GOP is purposefully allowing the law to collapse, and that the GOP plan to replace the law might still be stalled for several months, or longer.