Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has written a $4,600 check to the U.S. Treasury to show solidarity with furloughed Pentagon employees, his spokesman told the Washington Examiner.

Hagel quietly wrote the check immediately after the federal government shutdown ended in mid-October. He had originally intended to write the check at the end of the fiscal year in September.

"He waited until the federal government shutdown was over in order to see if he might need to donate more of his own salary in the event that furloughed federal employees were not retroactively compensated," spokesman George Little said.

Hagel pledged to cut his own salary earlier this year when the Defense Department was considering furloughing employees for up to 22 days as a result of budget cuts and budget uncertainty. Employee furloughs were far shorter than workers feared they'd be. About 650,000 civilian employees were made to take six unpaid days off.

Hagel was exempted from furloughs, but along with many other civilian leaders at the Pentagon pledged to cut his salary to show support for colleagues.

The defense secretary's annual salary is $200,700, according to the Office of Personnel Management.