Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Tuesday he wants President Trump to have a "reawakening" on gun control and can help move legislation through Congress.

Schumer pointed to Trump's previous calls for "sane, limited, rational aspects" of gun control, particularly after the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012. Schumer acknowledged that Trump has since been supported by the National Rifle Association, but nonetheless called on him to veto on the Sportsmen's Act that would deregulate suppressors.

"Maybe he can have a bit of a reawakening because of the horror of what happened as he goes to Las Vegas tomorrow," Schumer said on the Senate floor. "Today, I am calling on the president to come out against the absurd law about silencers. Threaten a veto if he must and put an end to that bill."

Schumer also called on the president to meet with the party leadership to discuss the issue and take it on "head on," and praised his decision to go to Las Vegas on Wednesday.

"I'm glad the president is going to Las Vegas. That's a good idea," Schumer said. "But he should take it a step further."

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said Tuesday that Republicans have not put the Sportsmen's Act on the calendar and are currently focused on their push to reform the tax code.