Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer rejected President Trump's new plan to rebuild the nation's crumbling infrastructure, and said it's push for private sector and local government funding would lead to "Trump tolls all over the country."

Trump on Monday unveiled a $1.5 trillion infrastructure proposal that would provide $200 billion in federal spending over ten years and require the rest in private, local and state funding.

Democrats last year pitched a $1 trillion infrastructure plan but did not call for any private or local spending, and did not include proposals to pay for it.

Schumer, D-N.Y., said the Trump proposal "falls short," of the Democratic plan to expand high-speed internet access and improve roads and bridges as well as modernize the electric grid "while creating millions of good-paying, middle-class jobs."

The Trump proposal, Schumer said, would create an unsustainable burden on local governments, which would then result in the need for more toll roads to pay for the work.

Schumer said Trump's proposal would undermine the 1933 law requiring federal projects to use American-made material. "It is a plan to appease his political allies, not rebuild the country," Schumer said.