Democrats in Cincinnati are outraged at the Obama administration for the negative portrayal of their city in light of the recent IRS scandal, according to

Former Cincinnati mayor and Rep. Tom Luken and Hamilton County auditor Dusty Rhodes are quoted at length in a statement that calls the IRS actions an "outright assault" on free speech and religious freedoms, and describes the Obama administration's attempts to blame the targeting on low-level employees as "offensive and beyond reason."

The two men emphasize that "we have proudly run on the Democratic ticket countless times. We each have been elected in campaigns where corruption was an issue: in one case, winning a special congressional election that the New York Times said helped impeach President Nixon in 1974, and in another in response to stories of special deals in setting property values in 1990."

"This is not a partisan issue. We encourage Congress to press on with a full and complete investigation of the IRS. We expect the result put the blame squarely where it belongs, and in so doing clear Cincinnati's good name and reputation."

Go here for the full statement.

H/T Instapundit