Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill wants to work with Republicans on tax reform but doesn’t feel Democrats are being included in the process enough.

McCaskill said on NBC’s “Meet The Press” she hasn’t seen any versions of the tax bill and is not enthused that Republicans passed a budget resolution that allows them to pass a tax reform bill on party lines.

“It's really hard for somebody like me to negotiate on this tax bill when we don't know what it is,” she said. “It's hard for me to take seriously that they want Democrats to participate when they won't show us the bill.”

McCaskill, running for re-election in the Trump state of Missouri, said she wants to work with Trump and other Republicans on the issue and refused to draw a red line on things she would not negotiate on.

She said one potential place of agreement is lowering the corporate tax rate.

“I certainly support lowering the corporate tax rate so we're globally competitive. I could live with somewhere in the low 20s,” she said.