Less than a fifth of the homes in the Clarksburg area of Montgomery County approved to be built have actually been constructed, officials said in giving an update of the development in Clarksburg.

Of the 15,000 residences envisioned as part of a major growth plan for the section, a mere 2,500 are physically done. Another 6,800 residences are through the approvals process, but must now be built.

Largely, the hope is for Clarksburg to be well-populated with single-family homes, community-based planner Sue Edwards indicated in the report, released late last week.

"Most of the growth will be in the Town Center district," she said in explaining that the other two neighborhoods will be in Cabin Branch and Newcut Road.

Planning Board Chairman Royce Hanson had asked planners to provide the Board and the community with the update since the Planning Board found construction irregularities throughout significant portions of the planned community two years ago.

The findings of serious zoning violations in several burgeoning Clarksburg communities came as a wake-up call to planning experts, who have since toughened developers’ requirements in response.

Now, the Department of Permitting Services inspects all site–plan projects under construction twice a month to ensure structures are in compliance with county code.

According to plans for Clarksburg, the district is designed to be transit- and pedestrian-friendly, with neighborhoods surrounded by open space and a combination of commercial and residential spaces located atop storefronts in the featured Town Center portion.

At this point, the progress includes the completion of two commercial projects, three new public schools and nine residential projects.

Yet to be built are nine more residential projects, including the highly anticipated Clarksburg Village, which is coming together in two phases and will include 2,600 units.