Charles Murray, libertarian populist.

In this interview with the Wall Street Journal, Murray (an AEI colleague of mine) speaks of "the sense that a lot of Americans have that the game is rigged now," and says, "the problem is, a lot of that is true."

When host Mary Kissel responds, "but Charles, we're a capitalist society ...", Murray mumbles, "yeah, right."

Murray also blasts "capitalism in bed with the government — big time." Here's more:

The American people look at the way that people make zillions of bucks because they can get the regulations written the way they want to, because they get the government to support their technology. They see that going on. Plus the crony capitalism.

And the number of these capitalists who are enthusiastically in favor of real competition is depressingly small.

Later: "I am actually speaking as someone who loves competition and free enterprise. And I am saying to the people who — supposedly — are on my side, 'you guys had better practice what you preach, because a lot of you aren't.' "