By no means is Brian Fallon a national treasure. But he’s certainly a gift to Republicans.

Fallon first came to prominence serving as Hillary Clinton’s press secretary and contributing, no doubt in his own way, to her absolutely spectacular failure. Now the flak-turned-pundit seems intent on doing everything he can to make Ed Gillespie governor of Virginia.

After President Trump tweeted his support of Gillespie, who recently released new ads opposing iconoclast calls to tear down Civil War monuments, Fallon tweeted a picture of the Tiki-torch carrying, J-Crew wearing, neo-Nazi frat boys who descended on Charlottesville earlier this year with the caption: “live look at Ed Gillespie campaign strategy meeting.”

If Fallon was a deep cover Republican operative masquerading as a Democrat, that’d be a good move. Considering that Fallon is actually a liberal who wants to see liberal politicians elected and liberal policies enacted, this was very, very stupid.

Gillespie doesn’t fit the role of a racist and he certainly doesn’t harbor any sympathies for Charlottesville Nazis. Back in August, the Republican immediately condemned the pimply-fascists for “their hate, their white supremacism, their neo-Nazism.” In a bipartisan moment, Gillespie even joined with Democrat Gov. McAuliffe to call for the rabble “to go home and they need to take that vile hatred with them.”

All of this cuts Fallon’s racist narrative to pieces. The thinking person recognizes that just because Gillespie doesn’t want to tear down statues, the gubernatorial hopeful doesn’t necessarily endorse white supremacy. But too many months on the Clinton campaign must have stripped Fallon of the ability to comprehend nuance. Stuck in default, the white, Harvard-educated liberal can only call opponents racist.

And that’s just rich. If anyone is guilty of racism in the Virginia governor race, it’s not the Republican. Fallon forgets that it was Democrat Ralph Northam's campaign that deleted their black running mate from campaign literature and then defended the decision.

All of this is a gift to Gillespie after 2016. The electorate is so tired of being called racist, they’ll throw caution to the wind and vote out of spite against their accuser. It’s what they did with Trump and it could be what they’re preparing to do in Virginia. In the end, Fallon’s heavy-handed, thinly-sourced attacks only make Gillespie more attractive to angry voters.

If Fallon and the rest of the Clinton alumni keep this up, they will turn Virginia red.