Bernie Sanders won Kansas and Nebraska Saturday while Hillary Clinton won only Louisiana, but Clinton still added to her delegate lead in the fight for the Democratic nomination.

"I want to congratulate Sen. Sanders for running a strong campaign. I am thrilled we're adding to our pledged delegate count," Clinton said in her only mention of Sanders during a lengthy speech at the Michigan State Democratic Party dinner

Clinton's win in Louisiana will earn her more delegates than the combined delegates Sanders will receive from both Kansas and Nebraska.

In her speech, Clinton generally focused on her policy plans and looked forward to the Michigan and Ohio primaries. Michigan will vote on Tuesday, and Clinton has spent much game in the state lately shedding light on the Flint water crisis. She also spent more time talking about the GOP candidates than Sanders.

"We have to win this election and we know the stakes keep [getting] higher," Clinton said.

"I tell you, that debate last night ... you really want to pull your hair out when you see that insult fest among the Republicans."

Sanders also spoke at the Michigan State Democratic Party directly after Clinton, hammering her on trade policy. The two reportedly ran into each other in the spin room after but did not exchange a single word.

Tomorrow the two candidates will be forced to speak to each other as they take the debate stage in Michigan. Maine Democrats will vote on Sunday in their state primary, a contest Sanders is hoping to win.