Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was asked Wednesday night how she responds to right-wing attacks, but subsequently turned the attack back on the GOP.

An audience member at CNN's New Hampshire Democratic town hall had asked Clinton how she will defend herself when Republicans go on the offensive.

"Now that I've been through this for so many years, my understanding of the political tactics the other side uses is pretty well-versed," said Clinton. "They play to keep, they play to destroy, they are constantly doing whatever they can to win."

Clinton, who won the Iowa caucus Tuesday by less than one percent, cited her two decades in the public spotlight as time she has used to strengthen her response to criticism.

The former Secretary of State said she was caught off guard when she was first attacked by Republicans while working on healthcare reforms during her husband's administration in the 1990s, but has since learned to "take criticism seriously, but not personally."

She learned to sift through the comments others made about her and shrug off much of it.