Hillary Clinton kicked off a Las Vegas rally on Wednesday night by touching on the fatal attacks on two police officers in Des Moines and Urbandale, Iowa, a day earlier. The Democratic nominee expressed her concern for the victims of the ambush-style shootings, before she pivoted to concerns about police officers' respecting Americans.

"This is horrifying, heartbreaking. It is totally unacceptable," Clinton said. "You know, as president, I will bring the full weight of the law down on anyone who kills a police officer and see to it that they are brought to justice."

"I also believe that everyone is safer when the police respect the people they protect and the people protect the police who serve them. We have got to get back to showing respect and support for each other," Clinton said, adding that she would take action on mental health and addiction issues, which she stated are at the center of crime issues.

Clinton plans to campaign with rapper Jay Z on Friday. The male rapper and his wife, Beyonce, have been criticized for their songs and statements that decry law enforcement officers.