Hillary Clinton defended her use of a private e-mail server when pressed on her knowledge of the issue during her first appearance on Fox News in the past two years.

"There's misinformation going on around here. Let me start with the basic facts. I have said, it wasn't the best choice to use a personal e-mail. It was a mistake, however, I am not alone in that. Many people in the government past and current have, on occasion or as a practice, do the same. Nothing I sent was marked classified or that I received was marked classified," Clinton affirmed during the Fox News Democratic Town Hall in Detroit on Monday evening.

Clinton has mostly been able to skirt talking about the FBI investigation of her private server during previous Democratic town halls and debates this primary cycle, but Bret Baier pressed the former secretary of state on the specific of the issue, comparing Clinton's prior claims to current knowledge.

Although the Sate Department has redacted and declare 2,101 of Clinton's emails as "classified," 44 as "secret" and 22 as "top secret" Clinton insisted that her prior statement that there was no classified information on her e-mail server.

In the past, Clinton has also justified her actions based on other in the government. Most recently Clinton said she will release the transcripts of her Wall Street speeches. On Monday, Clinton said that she has been mistreated for her personal e-mails, since former Secretary of State Colin Powell had a similar e-mail set up.

"Colin Powell's e-mails were retroactively classified for more than 10 years ago as he said, that was an absurdity. I cannot agree more," Clinton said, adding, "Once the American people see it, they will know how absurd this is. Colin Powell and I are exactly on the same page."

On Tuesday voters in Michigan will vote in the democrat primary. Clinton currently leads Sanders in the state 55-42 percent according to the latest polling.