A deleted section of Doug Band's "Bill Clinton Inc" memo, which laid out the former president's overlapping philanthropic and personal pursuits, contains fresh details of the blurred lines between the Clinton Foundation and all other areas of the Clintons' lives.

Band, a longtime Clinton aide who went on to co-found a consulting firm called Teneo Strategies, had prepared the memo in Nov. 2011 to stave off criticism from Chelsea Clinton. The former first daughter had caught wind of rumors that Band was using her father's name, without his knowledge or consent, to woo British clients.

An edited draft of the memo was released late last month by WikiLeaks.

But an earlier version of the memo that was made public Sunday contained a section Band had been advised to cut in previously released emails. That section described his relationship with hedge fund billionaire Marc Lasry.

"In 2004, Rahm Emanuel introduced me to Marc Lasry; Rahm and I later introduced President Clinton to him at an event for Mr. Emanuel in 2004," Band wrote.

Emanuel, former chief of staff to President Obama, is now the mayor of Chicago.

"Mr. Lasry is a good example of the complex relationships a friend/supporter can have within the Foundation," Band continued. "Mr. Lasry has held two Foundation fundraisers at his home, which raised several hundred thousand dollars. In [year], I became a paid advisor to Mr. Lasry's firm, Avenue Capital and subsequently introduced Mr. Lasry to Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky. Mrs. Mezvinsky went to work for Mr. Lasry at Avenue Capital in [year] and continued working for him through [year]."

From 2006 to 2009, Chelsea Clinton worked as an associate at Lasry's hedge fund.

Lasry went on to invest generously in Marc Mezvinsky's failed Greek bond venture. Mezvinsky is Chelsea Clinton's husband.

"Mr. Lasry, like other Foundation donors, has a multifaceted relationship with the Foundation and the President," Band wrote in the deleted section of the memo.

"He has been helpful on a number of fronts, including hosting Foundation fundraising events at his home, responding favorably to our requests to use his plane for Foundation and the Clintons' personal purposes, killing potential unfavorable stories in the Enquirer (of which he owns a controlling share of the debt), assisting Marc Mezvinsky — Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky's husband — in raising money for his new fund and securing President Clinton to give for a paid speech," Band added.

The memo is just the latest example of financial transactions that mixed Bill Clinton's political, personal and charitable relationships in potentially unethical ways.

Hillary Clinton has denied repeatedly that the Clinton Foundation is anything but a charitable operation.

However, a series of emails from the inbox of John Podesta, her campaign chair, that have been posted by WikiLeaks since Oct. 7 have raised questions about the extent to which the foundation funded the Clintons' personal lives.

For example, a separate email made public Sunday indicated Chelsea Clinton used foundation donations to pay for her wedding and her "life for a decade."