Hillary Clinton maintains the latest findings that she violated State Department policy in handling her emails as secretary of state will not impact her presidential campaign.

"I used my personal electronic mail, many people did, there are precedents. I have given all my emails, no one else can say that," Clinton told Univision during an interview in between campaign stops in California this week.

She added, "It is a matter that will not affect the campaign or my presidency."

On the campaign trail, Clinton insists that all her email use was completely legal and within normal practice. But the State Department report provided to lawmakers on Wednesday said she did not follow the rules.

Clinton turned her attention to her Republican opponent Donald Trump, whom she called "a serious threat to American values."

"Yet [Trump] could unify the party," Clinton said of the divisions within the Democratic Party, arguing that all Democrats can agree they need to defeat the GOP nominee.

She added, "I want to be in a strong position to unify the party and defeat Trump."