Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s international foundation, in the spotlight this month for hosting the annual Clinton Global Initiative in New York, back two groups that operate a massive international abortion business, including one that heralded its 4,000 abortions in a 2013 annual report.

Clinton Foundation documents show that it supports two groups that provide abortion services and supplies in Africa, India and Asia — Pathfinder International and Population Services International.

The foundation, which publicly focuses on help for AIDS in Africa, climate change and support for girls, is being scrutinized as Hillary Clinton readies a likely 2016 presidential bid. Its support of abortion providers is one of the areas the former secretary of State’s critics is looking into.

The Foundation’s website heralds Pathfinder for its effort to train “peer counselors to help decrease unplanned pregnancies, and reduce prevalence of sexually transmitted infections and HIV among university students in Kampala, Uganda.”

The group’s most recent annual report said it provided 4,000 abortions and medical services to another 4,300 women for complications for unsafe abortion.

Another document shows that counselors are told to “stress that homosexual, bisexual, and transexual/transgendered behavior is normal regardless of the provider's personal views.”

Population Services International lists the Clinton Foundation as a “general partner” and it provides supplies to International Planned Parenthood.

From its website: “PSI seeks to save women’s lives and reduce the morbidity caused by unsafe abortion. PSI makes quality contraceptives available in order to enable women to avoid unintended pregnancies, estimated to be approximately 76 million in the developing world, annually. In four countries: India, Cambodia, Nepal and South Africa, where abortion is legal yet unsafe abortion practices continue, PSI works to increase access to WHO-approved medical abortion drugs. These drugs are a safe alternative to the dangerous abortion methods and products that lead to increased maternal morbidity and mortality in these countries.”

While both groups note their Clinton Foundation link, the amount of support or money the former first family’s organization offers is unclear since the Foundation is vague on its tax returns about its spending.

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