Hillary Clinton celebrated her Super Tuesday victories at a rally in New York City along with local unions, as she touted her vision to "make America whole again."

"Yesterday was one for the history books. Our campaign went nationwide!" Clinton exclaimed to the crowds.

On Super Tuesday Clinton, won seven of 11 primaries, bringing her superdelegate total to 595 versus Sanders' 405. In many states, Clinton swept the Vermont senator by a large margin, especially among black voters, leading many to believe that the former secretary of state solidified her role as the likely nominee.

During the event, the candidate emphasized her commitment to raising wages and supporting union workers. She claimed that "the American labor union is the author of that basic bargain that makes America great ... .If you do your part you can get ahead and stay ahead."

The front-runner also turned her attention towards the general election, and warned the crowd that they needed to gear up for a fight against the GOP and Donald Trump.

"The other side has a very different vision about how we should treat each other," Clinton said, referring to Donald Trump's campaign. "Maybe some people think this is entertaining, but it's serious business. It matters what you say when you're running for president and boy does it matter what you say when you are president and people hear you."

Trump has pitched his campaign to blue-collar workers, some of whom belong to labor unions.