Why hello, Democrats of 2016. On Tuesday night, Vice President Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton showed what a potential primary season could look like (there were hugs involved) when they both appeared at the Kennedy Center for the annual Vital Voices' Global Leadership Awards.

Biden praised Clinton. "There's no woman like Hillary Clinton," he said. Before borrowing much of his remarks from his baby sister, Valerie Biden Owens. "Valerie, I'm trying to get your ... you're not answering your cellphone, I want permission to quote the speech -- I'm going to ask permission now, wherever you are -- Is it OK?" Biden implored from the podium. He then imparted some of his sister's words of wisdom to the crowd, previewing an upcoming speech of hers. "I want to make it clear, I'm attributing this," Biden said. "Again to quote my little sister, 'Peace, justice and equality can never be achieved when we use only half the brain power in the world, half the physical energy, half the emotional commitment, half the creativity, half the passion, half the productivity, and in the process trigger only half of the answers,' " the veep said.

Clinton, in her first public appearance since leaving State, came onstage and acknowledged Biden's role in the fight against domestic violence. "I know what a personal victory it was for him to see the Violence Against Women Act reauthorized last month," she purred.

The event honored transformative female leaders from around the world and brought out a handful of personalities as presenters. "Ugly Betty" star America Ferrera was there, along with NBC's Ann Curry, the New York Times' Nicholas Kristof, the Daily Beast's Tina Brown and finally, fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. Furstenberg accessorized her outfit with a designer arm sling covering an injured left arm. "Excuse the appearance, it's a ski, ski adventure two weeks ago," she said to laughter. "We are the leader of our lives and we can lead others. As women we are wired to persevere and fight. We keep going, even after a ski accident," she said smiling.