Hillary Clinton scrubbed at least 75 meetings with campaign and Clinton Foundation donors from the official calendars she kept as secretary of state, raising further questions about the extent to which she disclosed her political interactions.

The Associated Press, which obtained Clinton's State Department schedules through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit dating back to last year, discovered dozens of instances in which Clinton's staff listed dinners with donors and gatherings with corporate executives only as "private meetings" in the calendars.

Other records, such as emails and informal schedules, show the scope of Clinton's omissions. Her corporate guests included the CEOs of Starbucks, Blackstone Group and Pepsi.

Clinton has already come under fire for allowing political donors access to her at the State Department, fueling speculation that well-connected companies or nonprofits got preferential treatment from the nation's chief diplomat.

Nearly all of the companies who dispatched executives to meet with Clinton privately were lobbying the State Department simultaneously.