It's the end of an era for Kinkead's, the seafood restaurant that for 20 years has operated just a few blocks from the White House.

The restaurant announced Wednesday that it will be closing its doors in December, with plans to likely reopen in another location.

Kinkead's was known for being the go-to eatery for staffers in President Clinton's administration, though the management isn't sure why. "We don't really put ourselves in the category of being a Republican or Democratic restaurant," Kinkead's director of operations Mimi Schneider told Yeas & Nays.

Yet it was not uncommon to see certain administration officials, from Cabinet members to chiefs of staff, there four to five times a week.

"You know where they like to sit," Schneider said of her Clinton regulars, which probably explains part of Kinkead's appeal. The restaurant's discretion might have also been attractive. Asked about specific high-profile officials who dined at Kinkead's during the Clinton years, Schneider demurred. "I'm not particularly comfortable naming names," she said.